Readings April 18

Unfortunately today’s readings are not in the order I’d like them to be. I captured below in the order that I read them, not in the order of subject or importance. If I had more time I would organize them into importance with the stories on the Columbine shootings of 20 years ago first. The stories on China second (or perhaps the story on how head injuries in the NFL are destroying lives second) and would drop the reviews and human interest stories to last.

Donald Trump, China Savior? Some Chinese Say Yes

Some insight from China’s intellectual leaders and business people. And some naïveté. (He’s a tough guy that will fire you.)

Two construction workers die in trench collapse in Windsor

News item from the Denver Post. An example of the loss of works rights in what used to be a well governed area. OSHA, and the loss of worker safety regulations in the post-government era.

Opinion | Is This the End of the Line for Nationalism in Australia?

Interesting article on the impact of the New Zealand terrorist attack by an Australian on the far right in Australia and the predicament it has placed the current ruling coalition in.

Striking a Balance Between Fear and Hope on Climate Change

Book review of “FALTER: Has the Human Game Begun to Play Itself Out?” by Bill McKibben by Jared Diamond. The book balances the challenge that climate change is with the opportunity it could open in an effort to keep people engaged in the issue, says Diamond.

Ramen Without Broth? A Chef Doubles Down on a Sidelined Dish

A review of a restaurant in NYC. Ramen is more than the little packets you buy at the grocery store.

36 Hours in Denver

Things to do in Denver when your… there for a weekend. Part of the decades long NYTimes series on three days in some city. This from November 2018.

School Shootings’ Effects on Police Officers Understudied

With the upcoming 20th anniversary of the Columbine HS school shooting there have been a series of articles on the subject. This is an interesting look at the impact that responding to school shootings by SWAT teams has on the psychology of the officers, the internal cultural response, and the impact it has on the organization. 

Columbine Principal, Haunted by 20-Year-Old Massacre, Still Recites Victims’ Names

Twenty years on, the impact that the Columbine shootings had, and continues to have, on the school’s principal at the time. 

A Giant Laid Low by Too Many Blows to the Head

A look into the life of a(n American) Football player and how multiple concussions have led to disability at 29-years of age. The first part of a series on (American) Football and the health of its players. 

China’s Economy Stabilizes After Beijing Opens the Bank Vaults

Insight into China’s recent economic numbers and some analysis from Chinese and other economists. Spooked by a slowing economy, the government greatly relaxed lending restrictions. This gave the economy a boost but further exacerbated a credit bubble already at record levels in China. And with a more maturing economy, it will be harder for borrowers to grow their way out of debt. It would have been a better article if there had been some analysis of how this credit easing compared with that of the Fed’s in 2008 (or China’s the same year).

Indonesia’s President, Joko Widodo, Leads in Unofficial Voting Returns

Now old news on the Indonesia election – the article provides a glimpse into how the politics of populist nationalism is influencing there.

Pacific island cities call for a rethink of climate resilience for the most vulnerable

An article on resilience with the promise that it will reveal how working for resilience in Pacific Island cites is different that of working for resilience elsewhere. The authors go into what resilience should look like in the disaster prone, fast growing, and highly at risk for climate change impacts context. Though the article uses the “how it is different” in the context meme, I must say that the recommendations (as stepped back from the details that writing generally requires) are pretty much good practices for resilience everywhere I’ve worked. What’s missing in most every “urban resilience” piece I read (and not present in this one either) is how working at the community scale links to city-wide resilience.

Jared Polis made a lot of campaign promises. Here’s his progress on the 10 biggest.

A review of several of Jared Polis’ promises on the campaign trail and what progress has been made after 100 days according to the Colorado Sun. In all, the Sun will be tracking 125 promises made during Polis’ tenure. So far a mixed bag.

‘His eyes were so sad’: Oil rig crew rescues a dog swimming 135 miles off Thailand

The story that by now everyone has read about the dog found swimming in the sea 135 miles off the coast of Thailand. 


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