Today’s Must Reads

I read these articles today and found them interesting or of value.

Singapore: Jolovan Wham charged for holding up a smiley face sign

On the freedom of speech & expression in Singapore.

I am not afraid of Jordan Peterson

An interesting piece by Fredrik deBoer on how to make Jordan Peterson (Mr. “Man” of Canada) go away. It’s not by turning to “the refs” but by making “the case for a vision of politics and of life that is antithetical to Jordan Peterson’s vision, and [making] it so well that more people agree with you than with Peterson.

The Rotting of the Republican Mind

David Brooks on what happens when a large segment of society finds itself on the wrong side of the “destiny divide” – it chooses an alternate narrative, no matter how crazy it may be.

Netflix to expand New Mexico base into one of America’s largest studio complexes

Netflix has announced plans to create one of North America’s largest media production hubs in New Mexico.

Biden is rebranding but not reinventing Trump’s China policy

What will be the incoming Biden Administration’s China policy? Some tea leaves are read…

Extreme heat is a threat to lives in Africa, but it’s not being monitored

Extreme heat will be an overriding issue for public health in the coming decades. Raising awareness and providing key services will help to address the problem.

A Neural Network Learns When It Should Not Be Trusted

Uncertainty is central to all we do. When given a walk signal as a pedestrian we enter an intersection looking at oncoming traffic to make sure it is yielding. When we take a blind corner on a bike we slow down (if we’re over 34 years old). We do so due to the uncertainty of the conditions. Machine learning and AI have presented themselves as great tools to uncover and learn of new patterns in our world as well as provide means to operate within it (e.g. driverless cars) but what if the ML encounters a new situation? Or what if an AI designed to see patterns is presented with faked data? This neural network has learned when to take uncertainty into account when making operational and pattern recognizing decisions.

Journal Publications to be read

Recommendations for linking climate change adaptation and disaster risk reduction in urban coastal zones: Lessons from East London, South Africa


  • Recommendations for linking CCA and DRR.
  • Elderly persons are the most affected group during disaster events.
  • The knowledge of a coastal community disaster plan in addressing local disaster needs is relatively low.
  • There is a significant positive relationship between CCA and DRR knowledge.

The article


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