November 28th’s “Must Reads”

Well actually today there really are not many “must reads” – just interesting reads that I recommend.

The first is “The Secret Ingredient Missing From Every Conversation” – though it reads a bit “self-help”-y it is nonetheless some good advice on how to engage with others and the world. Personally I think it a very “science” like approach whereby one takes care to check one’s ego in favor of learning how the world works.

The next article was less so an important read than a fun one. As ‘Doonesbury’ turns 50, Garry Trudeau picks his 10 defining strips explores key moments of the last 50 years through Trudeau’s “Doonesbury” cartoon. Truly an icon of the American late Boomer, early GenXer cultural zeitgeist.

I’m recommending this piece, Murder hornets sound terrifying. But should we really be so scared?, not necessarily because I agree with the author’s take on the invasive pest (perhaps they’ll be as awful or worse and we should take them seriously) but because it is so well written and fun to read. A helpful example of good science(-y) writing.

Also interesting is this article on how COVID has led to more people biking (rather than driving) and the impact that this is having on city’s transit planning. Read How bike-friendly ‘slow streets’ are changing cities at the BBC.

Lastly and most interesting (for me) for the day was this article, Vietnam pioneers post-pandemic carbon pricing at East Asia Forum that describes actions being taken by the Government of Vietnam to address climate change mitigation by pricing carbon. It will be interesting to follow (and perhaps help promote!) the policies and results of what will come of this climate action.


3 thoughts on “November 28th’s “Must Reads”

      1. Yeah me too. Perhaps that’s why I adopted the style. I’ve been experimenting lots this year – readers seem to like it at any rate. Anyway thanks again – that’s a good list of recommendations. I liked the piece about murder hornets. I’ll keep an eye for your posts in the future. Take care 😊

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