Readings for 7 December

79 years ago today Pearl Harbor was attacked bring the United States into World War II. Very few people are alive today who have a memory of that day. History (His Story?) is interesting.

Today’s readings are not directly related to that event. They are part of the present that will one day be history. I got through about 21 readings on this morning’s walk (during which I took this holiday photo) – these are the ones that stand out for me. The ones that didn’t make it? Well I guess I am making choices that affect how I will recall history.

Industrial Holiday 2020

Samuel Hammond of the Niskanen Center highlights how voting makes no sense at the individual level – and hence how Libertarians mischaracterize it in their individual-rationalistic frameworks.

Joshua McCabe, also of the Niskanen Center, writes in “The Hill” about what was good about the “Trump Tax” law and what he believes should remain.

Despite, or perhaps because of, technological improvements in yields (Jevons paradox?), US maize production is being affected by drought and is thus threatened by climate change says this news item from Stanford University via ScienceDaily.

An excellent article on how to stay fit and become fitter after 50… This article deserves more description here but I just don’t have the time.

An OpEd article by Paul Butler in the Washington Post criticising Obama’s criticism of the term “Defund the Police.”

An interesting article on the concept of minimalism and how, perhaps, that should include more than just “stuff” but also “emotional minimalism.”

All of these articles deserve more of my take than I give them here but – well time…


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