Knowledge Management

Knowledge Management

For Kickass Innovation & Transformational Change

The formal, the informal, the metaformal. How do people learn? How does learning help the group meet their goals? How to share learning and when to explore and innovate. How to use group knowledge to frame innovative avenues for exploration. This page will be dedicated to finding links to tools and folks thinking and discussing these questions (some of which I have given question marks above.)

For now these will be links. One day they will be alphabetical or maybe they’ll be grouped in some fashion that I will write about and make sense of. They will perhaps one day grow to be fully contextualized (or at least somewhat contextualized).

Knowledge Management for Development (KM4Dev) Wiki

The Knowledge Sharing Toolkit – this site seems to be built on the backbone of the wikispaces wiki platform which has gone out of service. This might mean this site too might fade away (20200418).

User Experience Fishbowl – A method for shared learning from experienced practice that is meant to de-emphasize status and promote experience. This description on the Liberating Structures website.

Updated 18 April 2020

Nepal Climate Information Portal

Here I will list some sources of climate information for Nepal. I’ll get this more organized in the coming days/weeks/months?

World Bank’s Climate Risk and Adaptation Country Profile for Nepal (PDF).