What I “read” this morning on my morning walk: 2021-04-14

So I find it hard to keep up with "the latest," keep fit, and also get work done. I've been able to find time in my day by combining two of them, news/opinion items and walking/running (and sometimes even work) using the "Instapaper" app, with which the paid-for edition does audio playback. So I listen … Continue reading What I “read” this morning on my morning walk: 2021-04-14


Of Methods Scientific or Political

A good review (and a follow-up) of the fundamental differences between the scientific method and the political method. In this case, a rebuke of pseudoscientific opinion opposed to the current social distancing effort but it is more widely applicable to all contrarian/denialist efforts. How to be Curious Instead of Contrarian About COVID-19: Eight Data Science … Continue reading Of Methods Scientific or Political